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child support orderDivorce is almost always difficult, and can be particularly hard when a couple has children with one another. In these cases, courts often impose child support obligations on one of the parties to a divorce in order to ensure that a child’s financial needs are met.  Under Virginia law, there is a presumed amount of child support that a parent will owe based on that parent’s gross monthly income as well as the number of children he or she is required to support.  Courts have discretion to adjust this number if there is evidence that it should be adjusted, and can also modify a support order if one parent can show a that the circumstances under which the order was imposed have changed significantly enough that a modification is warranted. Whether you are the party receiving or paying child support, anyone considering seeking a modification to a child support order should be certain to discuss their case with an experienced Virginia family law lawyer as soon as possible.

Changes to child support orders do not happen automatically. One of the parents of a child must petition a court to modify the order, and he or she must show that there was a substantial change in financial circumstances that justifies an increase or decrease in the monthly payment.  Some of the types of changes that may result in a modification of a child support order include the following:

  • The loss of a job
  • A raise
  • A promotion
  • Increased financial needs of the child
  • Medical expenses
  • Educational expenses
  • Relocation
  • One of the parents gets remarried

It is important to understand that either the parent paying or the parent receiving child support may request a modification. For example, if a child develops a medical condition that requires intensive medical care, it may be sufficient to convince a court to increase the amount of child support required each month. On the other hand, if the custodial parent comes into a significant amount of money or remarries, a court may reduce the amount the noncustodial parent must pay.

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