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Virginia Visitation Rights Lawyer

The Law Office of Raymond B. Benzinger frequently gets calls from grandparents and other relatives who have been denied visitation by one or both parents. There is no grandparents’ rights statute in Virginia, per se, but Mr. Benzinger may be able to help.
Both the Virginia Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court have ruled that the wishes of the parents trump the rights of grandparents, aunts and uncles, adult siblings and other “interested parties.” If Mom and Dad want to cut off visitation, they can.

Is the Child in Danger?

The courts make an exception if family members believe the child is being abused, neglected or exposed to a harmful environment (drug use, domestic violence). Raymond Benzinger is a veteran lawyer who can represent non-parent clients in petitioning for visitation or even custody.

Was There a Prior Relationship with the Child?

A common scenario is in-laws cut off from the child after a divorce or death. But visitation is sometimes refused even if both parents are still together. A juvenile court judge may recognize that continuing a longstanding relationship is in the best interests of the child, especially if the grandparent or relative had provided child care or previously saw the child on a daily basis.

The Right Experience to Help

Mr. Benzinger has practiced in family law for 25 years in Fairfax, Arlington and Northern Virginia. He also serves as a court-appointed guardian ad litem to represent the interests of children in juvenile courts of Fairfax County, Arlington County and Prince William County, and as a volunteer conciliator and neutral case evaluator in custody matters.

He can represent non-parents in court proceedings or talk to the unwilling parent on your behalf to try to broker an out-of-court visitation agreement. Contact him today to discuss your rights and options.

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