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An Emphasis on Amicable Agreements

Custody disputes, complex marital assets or strong emotions are not necessarily a barrier to an out-of-court divorce solution. Raymond Benzinger is a skilled courtroom lawyer, but he has found that clients are happiest in the long run when they leave the judges out of it and commit to forging an agreement.

Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Northern Virginia

The Law Office of Raymond B. Benzinger in Fairfax offers 25 years of exclusive divorce and family law experience. Mr. Benzinger welcomes women or men in Fairfax County, Arlington County and Prince William County to address:

Division of marital assets and debts
Custody, visitation and child support
Alimony (spousal support)
Appeals of unfavorable rulings in divorce

Uncontested Divorce

Mr. Benzinger can draft or review the papers for an uncontested divorce to ensure it is comprehensive, fair to you and legally sound. He can formalize a kitchen table agreement or work to fix any issues created by a pro se divorce attempt.

If you have no kids and agree on all matters (property division, financial support), you can be divorced in Virginia after living apart for six months. If you have children together, you can get a divorce after 12 months of separation if custody and child support are also resolved.

Contested Divorce

There can still be an amicable resolution even if you have significant disagreements about property, children or financial support. Mr. Benzinger is experienced in conciliation and mediation and helps couples hash out unresolved issues.

Litigation should be a last resort. It creates bad blood and costs thousands of dollars most couples can’t afford to waste. As Mr. Benzinger tells clients inclined to a court battle: “If you settle, you can send your kids to college. If you fight, you send my kids to college!”

Sometimes a spiteful spouse forces you into court. Sometimes it’s the only way to resolve a standoff on a big issue. Raymond Benzinger is a veteran trial lawyer who can advocate for your interests while keeping litigation focused and brief.

Contact a solution-minded divorce attorney who personally guides you through a difficult process.

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