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In the area of property division and property settlement, experience is a major advantage. Seasoned attorneys know what is possible, what is reasonable and unreasonable, and what strategies are most likely to ensure their clients receive what they want and what they are entitled to.

Major Issues in Property Division and Property Settlement

Do not underestimate the value of the assets you contributed to the marriage. You worked hard for them and you deserve a fair settlement in all of your property and assets including cars, boats, homes, retirement funds, pensions, savings accounts, and all other property.
A qualified attorney can help you identify assets you may not be aware of, such as income streams into the future, and accounts your spouse may have been maintaining without your knowledge.

Valuation of Property

Valuation of property is big part of property division and property settlement and it is often a sticking point. People who are vying for property tend to undervalue it. Those intending to cede property do just the opposite.
Uncontested divorces are easier to resolve because the parties are more cooperative. When the courts must divide property, they must rely on the assessment of its value provided by the parties, or their experts.

A Network of Resources

Mr. Benzinger will work to protect your assets and property, and assess the value of marital property, distinguishing marital and non-marital property, can obtain full asset disclosure from your spouse, and can draw upon a wide network of available resources to evaluate existing assets and discover hidden ones: employment specialists, appraisers of goods and real property, business appraisers, and forensic accountants.

Division of Debt

The division of family debt may be as important as the division of assets. Mr. Benzinger can help determine who will be responsible for making outstanding payments on marital debts including mortgages, car payments, credit cards, home equity loans and more.

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