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Whether you are able to work out an agreement for your family law problem or end up in court, the Law Office of Raymond B. Benzinger is committed to positive outcomes that protect your interests and limit the cost and stress.

Serving Northern Virginia for More than 25 Years

At the Law Office of Raymond B. Benzinger, you are represented by an Fairfax family law attorney with 39 years of practice experience and more than 25 years of exclusive focus in divorce and family law. Contact Mr. Benzinger today for a one-on-one consultation about your options and your concerns.

Our Virginia family law practice includes:

Virginia divorce : Mr. Benzinger aims for fair and efficient resolutions in contested or uncontested divorce, but is a fierce litigator when necessary.

Military divorce : The firm has the requisite knowledge regarding specific military divorce issues, such as asking for a delay of proceedings.

High asset divorce : Property division matters are complicated in high asset divorce. Mr. Benzinger has the experience and resources to help you.

Property division/property settlement : Experience matters in accurate valuations, defining separate property and negotiating sensible trade-offs of assets and debts.

Alimony (spousal support) : A good lawyer can make a case for or against temporary support and post-divorce alimony.
Child custody and child support : Attorney Benzinger focuses on the best interests of the children and what clients can control.

Visitation rights : With skilled counsel, a court may grant visitation or custody to grandparents and other relatives.
Grandparents’ rights : While there is no grandparents’ rights statute in Virginia, the firm may be able to help if you are a grandparent who is being denied time with your grandchild or if you are seeking custody of your grandchild.

Modifications and enforcement : Altering custody, alimony or child support, or enforcing a court order, requires aggressive representation.
Fathers’ rights : Every father has the right to be involved in their child’s life. Just because you are the noncustodial parent does not mean you are not entitled to make important decisions for your child. Mr. Benzinger can represent you.

Relocation : If the custodial parent wants to move, especially out of state, they must provide advanced notice to the noncustodial parent. We can discuss the details of your case.

Post-divorce modifications : Whether you are proposing a change to the divorce decree or wish to contest a change, the firm provides strong advocacy.

Child support modifications : Mr. Benzinger offers experienced guidance to custodial and noncustodial parents in modifications.

Premarital agreements : Mr. Benzinger drafts, reviews and litigates prenuptial agreements to keep property separate entering marriage.

Protective orders/domestic violence : Legitimate victims and those falsely accused of domestic assault have a powerful advocate at this firm.

Mediation/conciliation/ADR : Mr. Benzinger can serve as a third-party facilitator to help couples resolve property division and custody out of court.

Appeals : There may be grounds to appeal an unfavorable ruling. Mr. Benzinger can discuss appellate strategies with you and, if appropriate, prosecute the appeal.

Juvenile court : Mr. Benzinger has private practice and pro bono experience in all disputes heard in juvenile/domestic relations court.

Retirement and investment accounts : Attorney Benzinger helps clients plan for the future with various retirement and investment tools.

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Call 703-537-5139 to arrange a consultation. The Law Office of Raymond Benzinger provides personalized attention for all of these complex and emotional matters.

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