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As time goes by, the need to go to court to enforce or change the terms of the custody agreement, child support order or alimony may arise. With 25 years of experience in family law in Northern Virginia, attorney Raymond B. Benzinger can forcefully advocate for your position.

At the Law Office of Raymond B. Benzinger, we represent clients in juvenile and circuit courts of Fairfax County, Arlington County, Alexandria City and Prince William County. Our Arlington divorce modification lawyer has unique insights into these matters as both a lawyer and as a volunteer Neutral Case Evaluator and a Motions Conciliator. Contact our Virginia law office for representation on either side of these issues:

Modification of Child Support

For child support modifications, the court must understand the complex economic factors in the finances of each parent in order to make a fair decision. Those finances may change, such as when one parent loses a job, gets a promotion or raise, or remarries. This is referred to as a “material change of circumstances” which is required before a court will revise a support order.

Modification of Child Custody

One parent may seek sole custody upon evidence of abuse, neglect or child endangerment. A teenager may want to live with the other parent. You may only need to adjust visitation schedules. The court’s decision, as in initial determination, is based on the best interests of the child.

Modification of Spousal Support

Alimony is based on need and ability to pay. A recipient spouse may petition for an increase if the paying spouse now earns more or her/his needs have substantially changed. The paying spouse can move to terminate support if the ex-spouse is remarried or cohabitating, or has reached financial independence.

Parent Relocation

A parent wishing to relocate or move out of state (or even within Virginia) must give 30-days notice for the noncustodial parent to object. This hotly contested issue gets even more contentious if the parent already moved without approval — will the court order the children back? The move must be necessary. Moving to live with a fiancé would not qualify, but taking a better-paying job might.

Enforcement of Child Support

There are multiple avenues to compel unpaid support, including wage garnishment and contempt of court proceedings with penalties up to and including jail. An experienced Arlington divorce modification lawyer can help.

Enforcement of Visitation

Interference with court-ordered visitation is taken seriously by the court. A parent who refuses visitation can be held in contempt of court, as well as the parent who routinely picks up or drops off late, or schedules activities on the other parent’s time. The court can award make-up visitation time, and after repeated violations may even award custody to the other parent.

Contact Our Virginia Support Enforcement Attorney

Arlington divorce modification lawyer, Raymond Benzinger, knows the law and how the judges in Northern Virginia are likely to rule on your modification or enforcement matter. He advances your interests and keeps the other party honest while emphasizing solutions that avoid further disputes. Call 703-537-5139 to arrange a consultation.

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