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Alternative Dispute Resolution in Family Law

Litigation is expensive and emotionally taxing, with winners and losers. Even negotiation can be adversarial, with lawyers on each side angling for advantage. In alternative dispute resolution (ADR), a neutral person keeps the focus on a fair and efficient agreement
Attorney Raymond B. Benzinger offers mediation and conciliation services to couples who desire an amicable resolution to divorce, custody and related issues. For 25 years, he has practiced almost exclusively in family law in northern Virginia. Call his office at 703-537-5139 to arrange a session.

A Better Way

Alternate dispute resolution has many advantages over fighting it out. ADR is quicker and less costly. It reduces animosity and the strain on children. And it avoids the uncertainty of having a judge determine the outcome.

Mediation of Divorce and Custody

Mediation is encouraged — and in some counties required — by the courts of Virginia before parties can enter contested proceedings. Mediation is informal and open-ended. It is a starting point for property division, child custody, visitation schedules, spousal support and anything else that must be approved by the court.

Mr. Benzinger does not represent either party in a lawyer capacity. As a mediator, his role is neutral facilitator to help two people communicate and find common ground. He raises issues, answers questions, solicits information and intervenes to maintain the atmosphere of cooperation.

Conciliation of Sticking Points

Conciliation is a more focused form of ADR. Typically, people enter conciliation to resolve one or two specific issues. As conciliator, Mr. Benzinger takes a more proactive role, suggesting specific solutions and language and keeping the parties on point. Mediation and conciliation are non-binding, but the goal is to hammer out a detailed agreement that can be brought to court for its stamp of approval.

Uniquely Qualified as an ADR Facilitator

Raymond Benzinger has represented thousands of clients in his years of private practice. He also handles many of the same family law issues in his volunteer capacity as a Motions Conciliator in circuit and juvenile/domestic relations courts of Fairfax County and Prince William County, and as a Neutral Case Evaluator in Fairfax County Circuit Court.

 Mr. Benzinger at his office in Fairfax to discuss the role of ADR in your case.

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