High Asset Divorce

Virginia High Asset Divorce Attorney

Having many assets or high-valued assets such as real estate, stocks or personal property, often creates complicated issues during the divorce process. High asset divorce should not be left to an inexperienced attorney to handle. You deserve to come out of a divorce with your fair share and need an experienced Fairfax high asset divorce attorney to represent you.

Over 25 Years of Divorce Experience

At the Law Office of Raymond B. Benzinger, we can represent you and effectively handle your high asset divorce. Our highly skilled Arlington high asset divorce attorney has 39 years of practice experience and more than 25 years of exclusive focus in divorce and family law. Get answers to your questions today and contact Raymond Benzinger to schedule a private consultation regarding your high asset divorce.

We can assist you with any high asset divorce-related issues such as:

Property division/property settlement
Alimony or spousal support
Post-divorce modifications

Virginia High Asset Divorce

There is a direct relationship between alimony and the division of assets in a high asset divorce. In Virginia, the amount an alimony-receiving spouse obtains from a division of assets has a depressing impact on his or her spousal support amount.

Furthermore, the higher the position a spouse has in a corporate management hierarchy, the greater the likelihood of dividing stock options. However, stock options are incredibly complicated to divide. Often, some of the stocks may not have matured, yet have been earned. A knowledgeable Arlington high asset divorce attorney can guide you through this process.

In high asset divorce cases, one spouse may attempt to hide assets. For example, he or she may not report income in off-shore accounts. We can provide the necessary experts and forensic accountants to make sure the property division process is as fair and accurate as possible.

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To arrange a consultation with our Arlington high asset divorce attorney, call 703-537-5139. The Law Office of Raymond Benzinger is here to provide you personalized attention during this often emotional and stressful time.

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