Grandparent’s Rights

Virginia Grandparents’ Rights Attorney

Grandparents can have a special role in their grand children’s lives. What happens when the child’s parent or other circumstances prevent you from spending time with your grandchildren?
If you have questions concerning your rights as a grandparent, the Law Office of Raymond B. Benzinger can assist you. Contact Raymond Benzinger to schedule your consultation.

Grandparents’ Rights in Virginia

Virginia grandparents’ rights attorney, Raymond Benzinger, is a veteran attorney who has more than 25 years of experience with family law issues and 39 years as a practicing lawyer. As a grandparent, you may be interested in what your legal rights to visitation are. While there is no grandparents’ rights statute in Virginia — and both the Virginia Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court have ruled that parents’ wishes trump the rights of grandparents — the firm may be able to help in certain situations.

Visitation Rights in Virginia

Mr. Benzinger can identify any options you may have to visitation rights to your grandchildren. Options may be available in situations such as the following:

The child is in danger. If you believe your grandchild is being abused, neglected or exposed to a dangerous environment due to drug use, alcohol abuse or domestic violence, you may be able to petition the court for visitation or even child custody.

In the past, you spent a lot of time with your grandchild. You may have provided child care or saw the child regularly. If a divorce or death of one of the child’s parents has resulted in your being cut off from the child, a juvenile court judge may rule in favor of you continuing the relationship.

Raising your grandchildren. In some situations, grandparents may be raising their grandchildren. The firm also helps grandparents establish legal custody of their grandchildren.

Contact Our Arlington Grandparent Custodial Rights Lawyer

As a concerned and loving grandparent, you may be able to obtain the necessary court orders to permit you to spend time with your grandchildren. Call the Law Office of Raymond B. Benzinger at 703-537-5139 to arrange your consultation and discuss your situation with our Virginia grandparents’ rights attorney.

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