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Both parents of a child have the right to make important rearing decisions in that child’s life. Simply because one of the parents is the custodial parent does not mean they have full control of all decisions and do not have to notify the noncustodial parent. In fact, the custodial parent has an obligation to notify the noncustodial parent of any significant changes in the child’s life.
Often times, the noncustodial parent is the father. If you are a father who feels his parental rights are being violated, know that you have protection under the law. A qualified Fairfax fathers’ rights lawyer can help you.

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At the Law Office of Raymond B. Benzinger, we can represent you and your rights as a father. Our highly skilled Arlington fathers’ rights lawyer has 39 years of practice experience and more than 25 years of exclusive focus in divorce and family law. Schedule an initial consultation today by contacting Raymond Benzinger. He can answer your questions and develop the best plan of action for your specific case.

Virginia Father’s Rights

Generally, the noncustodial parent has a right to be notified of any significant changes in the child’s life. For example, if the custodial parent and child are moving or relocating to another state, the noncustodial parent must be notified. The noncustodial parent has the right to oppose the relocation.

Other rights include being able to participate in school or extracurricular activities with the child and help make important decisions. As a father, you have the right to be in your child’s life, regardless of whether you are the custodial parent or not.
We can assist you in all custody-related matters including:

Child support
Child support modifications
Visitation rights

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