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Virginia Child Support Modification Lawyer

Your life, including your income and other financial factors, can change. As the parent responsible for paying or receiving child support, these changes may require a modification to your ordered child support payments. The Law Office of Raymond B. Benzinger provides experienced representation to parents in need of changes to child support payments.

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When Can Child Support be Modified?

The divorce laws of Virginia allow child support modification to be granted if there has been a substantial change in material circumstances. Such changes can include the following:

Changes to child custody and visitation arrangements. The level of child support changes when visitation is at least 90 days a year.

Parental relocation: Whether due to a parent serving in the military, a job offer across the country or another factor, it may be necessary to change custody or visitation, thereby affecting child support.

One parent loses a job or receives a decrease in pay.

One parent is promoted or receives an increase in pay.

One parent remarries, thereby changing the household income.

As an attorney who has been handling family law issues for more than 25 years, Mr. Benzinger can guide you through the modification process. He can advocate for the best interests of your children as the courts consider if a material change of circumstances exists.

In addition to child support modifications, the firm handles other post divorce modifications of child custody and spousal support.

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