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Will there be alimony in your divorce? How much and for how long? While child support is dictated by a strict state formula, spousal support is not. It is awarded at the discretion of a circuit court judge — or by agreement between the parties.

At the Law Office of Raymond B. Benzinger, experienced Fairfax alimony lawyer Raymond B. Benzinger has 25 years of experience in divorce law, and has litigated and negotiated alimony in hundreds of divorces. From his volunteer service in Fairfax County and Prince William County as a Motions Conciliator and Neutral Case Evaluator, he can provide you with insight as to how a judge may rule in your case.

Alimony (Spousal Support After Divorce)

Alimony is never automatic — a good alimony lawyer can make a case for or against it. Alimony is intended to equalize the spouses’ standard of living after divorce. Spousal support is most commonly awarded in longer marriages with great income disparity, especially if the spouse has limited employment prospects.
The court considers several factors, including earning capacity, age and child-rearing roles. But the main criteria are (a) need and (b) ability to pay. Alimony can be awarded for one year or until death or remarriage. Mr. Benzinger can assess your case and advise you on settling out of court or taking your chances with a judge.

Pendente Lite (Temporary Spousal Support)

While the divorce is pending, the court often issues a temporary order for child support and spousal support. It is important to have an experienced Arlington alimony lawyer at this stage to ensure a fair level of support and keep tabs on marital assets controlled by the other party.

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Call 703-537-5139 to arrange a consultation with Arlington alimony lawyer Raymond Benzinger for an informed legal opinion about alimony in your case. He represents divorcing men and women throughout Northern Virginia.

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